Friday, July 6, 2012

How to make a Search Engine friendly web page?

To get good rankings in Search engines like Google and Bing, you must have a Search engine friendly page in your website but how to make your web page - a search engine friendly web page.

Here are some of the best tips you can use while creating a new target page in your website - 

  • Static URL naming
  • Search engine readable navigation
  • Title and META tags placements
  • Alt tags placements
  • Proper Heading Tags
  • Relevant, Useful and Call-to-Action content

Friday, May 4, 2012

Google Penguin Update 2012

Google Webspam Algorithm Update 2012

After ongoing frequent updates of Google Panda Algorithm changes, Google have now come up with a new algorithm update i.e. Webspam Algorithm Update and also named it as Google Penguin Update.

This new webspam algorithm change will improve the G search results (showing the importance of ethical Search engine optimization) and help to cut down the web sites that do spamming tactics to get fast and aggressive good search results on Google for their targeted keywords. Now, if we say web SPAM, it means -

  1. Going against Search engine guidelines, especially Google quality guidelines for webmasters and website owners.
  2. Using unethical techniques like hidden content, hidden links, keyword stuffing etc.
  3. Irrelevancy in the content and backlinks.
Now, if you are doing ethical Search engine optimization techniques and follow a good creative and innovative process, you will get good search engine rankings. Google even says- 
Good search engine optimization can also mean good marketing: thinking about creative ways to make a site more compelling, which can help with search engines as well as social media. The net result of making a great site is often greater awareness of that site on the web, which can translate into more people linking to or visiting a site.

Google Panda update has already done a good job in improving search results for a year now. But now, Google wants to reduce webspam and shows appreciation to all those "good guys" who works on quality instead of quantity.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Minus One Project: Save Paper, Help the Forests


Minus One Project is a simple, one-step initiative to save fast-disappearing forests. It is so easy and practical that each one of us can practice it in our daily lives. And by adopting Minus One we would be helping our forests, our planet and most importantly ourselves. 

Save Paper, Save Forest

Let's support this green initiative to conserve our forests. Check how it works?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Top 10 SEO Tips for 2012

Due to Google Panda Update, the year 2011 was one of the toughest year for Search engine optimizers and webmasters. And now, we are in 2012, a new year with all new beginnings.

So, here is the top 10 SEO tips for this year 2012 - 
  1. Follow all the webmaster guidelines by Google. 
  2. Choose targeted country specific web hosting. Like if you want to target in India, get your web hosting servers in India.
  3. Make a search engine friendly web design.
  4. Make your website useful to your target visitors / customers. 
  5. Create an official blog for your website to update your visitors / customers for any announcement.
  6. Go with all famous and top social networking websites. Create your profiles and use them.
  7. Do write some good write-ups and submit them in good article directories.
  8. Use Google Webmaster Tools to analyze your website by Google internal tools.
  9. Use Google analytics to track your visitors. It will help you make a good SEO strategy for your website.
  10. Bookmark your website in top social bookmarking sites like Digg, Diggo, Reddit and
Best of luck and have a great new year 2012.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Facebook Launches Timeline Profile

Facebook Timeline - A New Way to Express Who you are.

Facebook Timeline is a new profile design update announced by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Thursday in San Francisco at the company’s f8 conference.
Here is the snapshot how your profile will redesigned in Timeline theme after doing Simple steps to enable Facebook Timelinefor your profile -

Saturday, August 13, 2011

How to Search For the Best Dating Site in India?

All those people who may desire to meet and interact with young and attractive couples can easily avail the services of an effective dating site in India. It has been observed that people who may be engaged in vigorous work schedules may not find sufficient time for themselves. Therefore, availing the useful and effective services of a dating site may be the best possible alternative. However, you can easily find good looking singles and couples as per your liking on the selected dating site in India. 
You can easily find girls, boys, men and women from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and other cities. You just need to Register on the Indian dating site and you can have immediate access to attractive several profiles of numerous men, women, girls and boys. Whether you live in Goa, Chandigarh or Kolkata you can have instant access by interacting with your preferred partner without any problems.

Members can share their personal photos, videos and even gifts with their partners with the help from a particular dating service in India. Registered members can even upload their photos and videos for better intermingling. However, in order to find the best Indian dating site you can easily follow the advices given by your friends and colleagues who may be using a particular Indian dating site. In this way, you can have the best possible advice through which you can find your true partner. Alternatively, you can also engage in some sort of research through online in order to find the best Indian dating site. Internet may be the best possible alternative if you want to find your true partner. Members can engage in casual relationship, long term relationship, romance, casual encounters and even marriage depending upon your current requirement and preference. You can also look for friends as well on a dating site in India. 

There may be different Indian dating services in the form of all-purpose, popular, niche, community, special interest and other types of dating services. However, you have to make it clear that the selected dating service is genuine and accurate without any false profiles. 

If you want to experience the best online dating site in India, you must join

Friday, July 8, 2011

Google Plus - A Far Better Social Networking Site

Google revealed Google+ project that aims to make sharing on the web more like sharing in real life. 

Google+ is a fresh social networking websites with great features including Circles, Sparks, and Hangouts.

From the launch day itself, its in a great demand, everybody wants an invite to check this new social networking site by Google. I really can't say if this would be a threat to Facebook but yes, if we analyse the user interface of Google+, it has a great potential in social networking. And, we can easily understand that Google rolled out G+ project after seeing a good success of biggest 750 millions user  group video chat social networking site i.e. Facebook.

Why we join Google+?

  1. For change - Obviously, everybody needs change. And why not? when we have a good choice to try. So, if you are a FB user, then you should look Google+ too! 
  2. Meet more friends and peoples - G plus works through your Gmail id, so all of your contacts can be your friends and in the circle.
  3. Better security facilities - Its a Google product, so we can reply on the securities.
  4. Group Video Chatting - That you must check.
  5. It is much faster than Facebook - My personal experience.
  6. And now, Gmail no longer required to join Google+.