Thursday, February 14, 2008

Google Valentine's Day Celebration

Google celebrates 14th Feb, 2008
Valentine's Day (14th Feb, 2008) is going very precious and fun for everyone today.

In present times, this festival has emerged as a popular dating and gift-giving festival. Many people celebrate the day out of obligation rather than celebration. So, people go and tell your love ones - how much you care about them? Share your feelings and go for a party.

I am seeing our staff is organising a party today in the office, there will be a tasty strawberry cake (I love it ;)) and some romantic music.

Google is also celebrating it by changing its Logo in the Valentine's Day Theme for this day. They have placed a aged couple shows that there is no age limit for LOVE.

Great Thought Google.


  1. Hi amigo,
    In India all people celebrate the Valentine's Day? Sweet! In Brazil only the lovers celebrate.
    Very beautiful what you wrote. All people of all ages can love.
    You did the design of google? Very creative!

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