Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Google Webmaster Tools Survey

Today, when I have made login to Google webmaster tools to check out indexing status for a client website. I have found a script saying - We want to hear from you! Take the Webmaster Tools user survey and help us improve.

Its like, Google is going to make it more useful to webmasters now by taking a survey for its Webmaster Tools where you will get the questions like -
Overall, how satisfied are you with Webmaster Tools?
How long have you used Webmaster Tools?
How often do you use Webmaster Tools?
How many websites do you manage with Webmaster Tools?
and many other questions are there to find the webmasters satisfication for this G tool...

May be, i am late here to make this information in blog but I found it exciting to me and somehow to others also. So, lets help Google in its survey.

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