Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How Social Bookmarking is Useful to SEOs

Social bookmarking emerged as a great tool for Search engine optimisers (SEOs) and Webmaster. Earlier, bookmark is a tool/option where we can store any web page or site in our browser to use it again but that is private. Now, its going social/public.

Lets us define Social Bookmarking -
A method/process for web users to store and manage web information (web pages) on the Internet which can be available to everyone on the web and can also be store by them. In this system, users save links to web pages that they want to remember and/or share. There are several website providing this service to the internet users. With a small registration, anyone can have this service and can also share his/her bookmarks to other people available on net.

We have many popular social bookmarking sites there on web like -
Zimbio.com and many more like above sites.

But how social bookmarking is useful to SEOs and Webmasters. Please check the following points -
  • Promotion Tool - Firstly, we (SEO/Webmasters) have got an another free, simple and advanced tool to promote web pages.
  • Easy and Fast Indexing - Generally, all social bookmarking sites have good traffic and fast search engine indexing. So, if we submit our URL / web page in a website which continuously crawled by Search engines, we can also get easy and fast indexing for our websites.
  • Extra Traffic - Many social bookmarking services provide web feeds for their lists of bookmarks, including lists organized by tags. This allows subscribers to become aware of new bookmarks as they are saved, shared, and tagged by other users. By this, site can get more traffic from the web.
  • Web Popularity - If your post or bookmark is useful to other members, then surely they will also bookmark it and will you get extra point to your bookmark. All Social bookmarking websites have this process of voting. More and more votes you get, more popularity you will gain for the web page.
Just make sure to contribute only useful information and links.

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  1. Good point Amit,

    Attract visitors to your site and add them to their social bookmarks.

    tag your blog, site, lens.Tags plays very important role in social bookmarking. As tags help users to search through large amount of information and locate exactly what they want.

  2. This is great and all if you are just trying to get general traffic to your blog however you must be careful for a few reasons.

    1) If a social bookmarking site is above yours on the SERPs your likely to lose traffic from people finding the Bookmarking site first and bouncing.

    2) Your website will get a large boost if ranked on the front page however the conversion rates are alot lower and are usually useless.

    However they are good for promoting blogs specifically and encouraging comments which will boost your blogs placement in the SERPs.

  3. Yes Jon, we can't say about conversions here from social bookmarking websites. But it would be useful in getting traffic if you have a great story for a relevant category to bookmark it.

  4. Hi Jon,
    I agree to you. But my agreement is limited up to B2C type of companies. In B2B where sale are of complex nature it will not affect so badly for marketers.

  5. I work for a marketing company and my expertise is in website promotion and SEO. I try to discourage popular social bookmarking sites but encourage niche social bookmarking sites. For example, 400 hits off digg to a site about Flash wont be very productive as maybe 10% of the viewers will be programmers however 400 hits from dzone.com would mean 100% were interested in the content and would possibly return.

    I think you'll start to see larger company's turning away from traditional bookmarking sites and turn to more industry specific networks.

  6. Very nice information.....
    keep it up man.....
    thanks for sharing...

  7. Social bookmarking is a way for people to save their favorite webpages online. By using social bookmarking online people can access their favorite bookmarks from any computer and share them with other people. Bookmarks are usually stored with tags, single words that describe a page, making it easy for people to search for similar bookmarks or find bookmarks they have saved.

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