Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Organic Search engine optimization

Also called as Natural search engine optimization and refers to a natural way of optimization without doing any Pay per click advertising or sponsor listings. In organic or natural SEO, content and links are in the main concern and will only be used to drive targeted traffic from the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, AOL, AltaVista and MSN Live Search without dealing in any kind of PPC sponsor listings.

Organic SEO stands on two pillars – Content and Links.
Content should have the targeted keywords in the web page with the appropriate keyword density. It must be the interesting and relevant to the visitors. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN Live Search always recommend the fresh content on websites as that is only their (search engines’) food. If you have a website and optimizing for a particular keyword, then you must have that keyword in your web page. Your key words / key phrases should be properly used and should not be inserted in as many places as you believe you can get away with. So, if you always want to be in Search engine results or rankings, just refresh your content weekly or monthly. Give always something new to your visitors and to search engines as well, have an optimized content.

Links or we can say linking – internal and external. Internal linking directly refers to web site navigation part which is next most important thing after content in organic search engine optimization. Navigation helps your web site’s usability and improves your searcher’s browsing experience. An easy and structured navigation will always makes visitors happy and comfortable with web links.

I personally recommend HTML navigational structure or a navigation having text links which is easily readable by Search engines, not a JavaScript embedded navigation. Try if you can use your targeted keywords in your navigation, if possible. And, about external linking, then you must need to be regular in link building including directories submission, link exchanging and one way links. There are many more other resources like, and other social bookmarking websites to make some more traffic to your website. Article submission and Press releases can also be helpful in gaining more back links for a website.

And yes, Organic SEO will take time but will bring you long term money.


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