Sunday, February 17, 2008

Yet not indexed by Google

We all, always says that Google is very fast in indexing new sites and blogs. But is it so?
It may be for the new domains but what about subdomains and blogs? I created this blog and have made my first post on Monday, February 11, 2008 with the list of free SEO tools but not yet indexed by Google.

Now, let me give you the points, which I have made to make it indexed -
  • Backlinks - As we always suggest every new SEO that put your link at the web page / website which is already indexed and having regular indexing. So, have putted out this blog link in some of the websites which are very popular and have fast indexing by Google, even having the same theme, means the proper relevancy has been taken.
  • Social bookmarking - As we all know, social bookmarking sites are very fast in Google indexing and your bookmark can be indexed in some of minutes after bookmarked by you. So, I thought it will help and have made bookmarks for some of my posts in sites like Digg, Sukip etc.

Even, I am seeing in the SEO forums that people complaining the same issue. Check it here and also here.

And tell you what - Yahoo already indexed it which is considered as the laziest search engine in crawling new items on web, always takes big time to index new sites and blogs.

So, still waiting for Google indexing. Lets see, how much time it will take for Google.

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