Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tips for New Bloggers

If you are a blogger and having a blog on or, then following points could be very useful, whether you have just started with a new blog or you are an old Samurai in this field -

  • Content - This is the main thing for a blog. Try to post a useful and an interesting post everytime for your visitors.
  • Research about topic - I know, blog is totally your place to write anything you like or dislike but a little research before writing is always been good. By spending some time on research about the topic you are going to write, you can get related keywords / phrases which can be included in the write-up. These researched keywords will give you chance to be top rankings in Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask and MSN Live Search.
  • Social bookmarking - Bookmark your new or old posts in social bookmarking sites like in the relevant category. It will help you in fast indexing and link popularity.
  • Tell your friends - This is an online world now, internet is like a necessity. So, if you have something new in your blog, tell your online friends about your new post and ask them how they feel about the topic.
  • Make friends online - Find some related blogs with Google which are relevant to your posts and blog theme. Do some useful comments on their posts and make them friends.
  • Link Building - Submission in blog directories, comment posting in other relevant blogs and one way link development will help in making good link popularity but for a blogger, you post should have a powerful content.
  • Regular Update - Update your blog regularly with some interesting content / posts. Wrting on recent topics related with your interest would be great. People always love to read new content on current topics in the industry. Just show Search engines that you are not a "dead" resource on web.

Let's spread some green.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Time to Update Content

I have a search engine friendly HTML site and getting good rankings with the popular keywords in major search engines like Google and Yahoo. Now, questions is - Should I need to change the content to stable my rankings and positioning in Search engines?

How often should I update my content?
How big that change should be?
Is this the right time to change my content?

Website owners / bloggers generally have these kind of questions many times.

With the fact that Content is one of the major pillar making a web page to get listed for a popular keywords in search engines and another is link popularity. Search engines spiders love to crawl new content, you can easily see how popular forums / blog posts would have indexed in just few minutes, especially in Google.

We can also see many sites which are not in regular updates (@ content) but have handsome amout of traffic and popularity. The main thing is what I think is - it totally depend on website theme. However, in our life, CHANGE is only the constant thing. So, nothing bad in it. Just show SEs that you are working on your site and it is not a "dead" resource which provide outdated information. Make sure your content should be unique and optimized with your targeted keywords.

There is no perfect answer for this context that this is the time to refresh the content. But one thing is I want to suggest that Do changes, when you see -
  • Fall in search engine rankings
  • Fall in web traffic
  • When you have new keywords / phrase to target; and
  • When there is a need of change.

And with all that above, be regular with all off-site optimization and tricks which include making link popularity for your site.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

One way links ideas

One way links are links to your site from sites which do not receive a link from your site. One-way links are the best thing to have, to increase link popularity (backlinks) of a website and to gain high search engine rankings. All major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN gives huge importance on link popularity when ranking any website in search results and it will also helpful in gaining Google greenbar value (PageRank).

Here are some ideas to get one way links -
  • Attractive and Useful Site - Create a website which is useful, interesting and attractive to visitors. So, your visitor and other sites will naturally link to it.
  • Directory Submission - Submission of a site in web directories is one of the oldest and easy step (but time consuming job) to gain one ways links and traffic. Submit your site to major directories like Y! directory, and other top business directories.
  • Forums Posts and Signature - Participation in forums will give you chance to post your views about the topic and also allow a text link to sites in your signature. Forums are a great source of gaining knowledge also.
  • Blog Posts and Comments - Create a blog having some useful and interesting posts and get it listed in blog directories and also take some of your time and try to post useful comments (on the topic) in related blogs.
  • Social Networking Submissions - Bookmark your web pages in social bookmarking websites like, and
  • Articles Submission - Write some articles and submit them in your relevant category in article submission websites like and
  • Press Releases - Write press releases for your company and submit them to press releases websites and Internet news wires.
  • Classified Ads
  • Writing Testimonials - Write testimonials for the products or services you like and send them to webmaster and make them happy and you can get a link back to your site.
  • Free Tools and E-books - Try to provide some free tools to your visitors and e-books from your website and submit them in ebook directories.

However, some of the sites and blogs may have rel="NOFOLLOW", you have to find out that.

I hope, the above points will help you and you will get a good link popularity, good PR value and web traffic for your website.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Indexed in 60 Seconds

I am happy to share this with you guys...check this...Google loves me..

I am amazed seeing it that my previous post about the first day of spring has been indexed in just 60 seconds (1 minute) by Google. We can see this kind of fast indexing for forums and to famous blogs because of instant posts there. But my blog is neither a forum; nor a famous blog yet but Yo! Google indexed it in just 1 minute.

Here is the snapshot -

And its just RSS feed magic, nothing else :P

Thursday, March 20, 2008

First day of spring by Google

I can imagine, tomorrow is HOLI, a Hindu Spring festival popularly known as Festival of Colors worldwide. It's an occasion that brings lots of fun, music and dance, and, Yeah! lots of bright colors! Originally, the colors used to celebrate Holi, came from the flowers of trees that blossomed during Spring.

People generally celebrates it by throwing coloured powder and water at each other. Also water-filled baloons are used nowadays to charge the target with a splash of color - A full day fun. And, here in India, we say - "Don't Mind, It's Holi!" (In hindi - Bura na mano Holi hai)

This colorful festival is also associated with the immortal love of Krishna and Radha.
That's how, I wonder, Google is also celebrating The first day of Spring.

Colors are very important in our lives. So, be colorful on Holi.

Happy Holi to All.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Is a Degree required for SEO?

We all know, educational qualification is very important nowdays. If you are well educated with higher marks or divisions, then it would be easy to get the dream job.

D Vs E (Degree Vs Experience)

Now, this is interesting discussion one there at V7N forums...there is a guy having 6 years of experience in SEO services but yet not have his graduation degree and will take time. And he wants to jump in Inhouse SEO. His question is : Would you or any other company hire someone with 6 years experience with a proven track record but has no degree? with the note that he own an SEO consulting firm and has a big list of clients.

Let me share some of the replies with you -
briggidere says : If you could do a full weeks work every week, the fact you were doing a degree wouldn't bother me.
tdd1984 says : some of the most successful people never go to college...It depends on who you are and what your capable of doing.

my_misyel says : I guess you look for the company's qualifications if it is a must for a diploma, other companies would allow you to work for them with at least 2 years work related experience. If you still have time, then continue studying to earn a degree.
Rankenstein says : I would take experience over a degree, any day of the week. Or to put it another way, I never got a degree and it hasn't affected my SEO career in the slightest, including doing in-house SEO.
pinkfluffybunny says : Results and references are what you need. I can't tell you how many company's webmonkies I've trained. Usually right out of college. References count! It helps when you can tell them here is personal number of the CEO of ____ company - call him.
dee_el07 says : 6 years experience is long enough to prove that you are worth to be hired as an SEO even without a degree..
digitalseo says : the work is the best key to judge the person...
sniperhiga says : All you need is portfolio. You are hired if you show people results of your clients, backlinks you created, connections you have, knowledge, current positions on Google etc...
~DaRk-EyE~ says : "Experience is the best teacher"
seconnection says : experience is key!!

Now, what you like to say about this?

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Ways to Get Web Traffic

Website is LIVE on web after all research work including web marketing analysis and keywords research. Now, the only main concern and goal is to generate traffic for web site to make clients / customers. The only fact behind making a website or web portal for any Person, Company or Industry is to get Web Presence - Popularity on Web - High Traffic.

So, here are some of off-site ways to generate traffic for a website -
  • Submission in top and high traffic directories like Dmoz and Yahoo Directory.
  • Article Writing and Submissions of articles in article submissions websites like,, etc.
  • Use links in Forums Signature. Forums will help in many things like fast indexing, backlinks, and more traffic to your sites. Click here to know more about How forums will help in SEO.
  • Blogs writing and Comments on other related blogs. - Always try to write something very interesting and useful to your visitors about recent topics in your business.
  • Share your links with others relevant websites through Link exchanging methods.
  • Bookmark your link in Social bookmarking websites.
  • Email Signature - Whenever you send an email to your friend, business partners and Clients, always add your website urls as a signature - will give some extra traffic.
  • Questions Answers websites like Yahoo! Answers, etc. - Make some good answer for the questions relevant to your business / website with your website links.
  • Sponsor Listings in high traffic relevant websites and PPC advertising (Google Adwords).
  • Write and Submit Press Releases.
  • RSS Feeds & Syndication.

So, make a useful website and go with the above ways to get more and more traffic for your site.

Have a great traffic ;)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Link Popularity

Link popularity is the measurement of the quantity and quality of links (inbound links) pointing to a website on web and most of the major search engines like Google and Yahoo used link popularity as an important ranking criterion.

Now, question is how to get more back links to get higher link popularity to achieve high rankings in search engines. The first and main thing is Site Usability. I recommend checking the following points for your website before going for any link popularity campaign or services –
  • Firstly, website should be online and complete.
  • Website should be user friendly and search engine friendly too.
  • Website should be designed in right approach.
  • Website should have a unique content with the relevancy regarding the page topic.
  • Website shouldn’t have any credibility issue.
  • Must not have broken links.
  • Also, please check all the typo-graphical errors, if have any.
In addition, try to make a website which can be useful to visitors. For example, if you have a SEO related website offers SEO services, and then developing some free SEO tools can make more visitors to you. If your links and work would be useful to your visitors, then visitors will automatically appreciate your work and give you back links from their sources like blogs, forums and other boards. And all these points will help making a site – A Quality Website.

Then, put your efforts in the following ways to get more link popularity for your website –
  • Submissions in relevant directories such as the Open Directory Project and Yahoo! and other industry-specific sites.
  • Link exchanges with the relevant sites.
  • Forums signatures
  • Press Releases
  • Article Submissions
  • Classifieds
  • Social bookmarking
Most of the Optimizers and webmasters recommend quality over quantity but I always say about having both – Quality + Quantity. There is no harm in getting quality back links in more quantity but only from relevant and high traffic websites.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Whose hand is this?

Even, we don't know...It has happened at the Adventure Island Trip organized by our Office. This is really scary and a mystery yet...that whose hand is this between me and my friend.

Please check if you can find -

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Got the ORKUT link again

Hi folks,

Remember I posted a blog about the addition of YouTube link in Gmail more links section and the removal of my favorite social networking site ORKUT link. Yesterday, I got the link back in Gmail. Now, again I can go directly to ORKUT from my Gmail id.

You can check it by the below snapshot -

Looks like Google have read my post and made that links live again for me. Now, YouTube and other added links included Shopping, Blogs etc has been removed now.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Flow Chart To Solve Problems in Companies

That's really funny! Isn't?

One more Search box in Google

Now, you will find one more search box in Google if you are going to search some big sites like Amazon, YouTube, Dmoz, Sulekha, Indiatimes and some of more high traffic and popular sites on Google. You can see this by below thumbnail -

This search box will help you to find your specific page much faster from the specific website from Google. What I have analyzed is that you will find this search box for only those big websites who have the Google Search inside their website or somehow in-corporated with Google.

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

YouTube in Gmail More Links

I love Gmail and this is only the webmail which is 24 hrs open at my desktop. But from last 2-3 days, I am unable to get which I generally do from Gmail. I always prefer to go to ORKUT (yes, the famous one in all social networking site which have got Web 18 'Genius of the Web' award for the best social networking website in India) but from the last days, It is impossible to find the ORKUT link from the “more” dropdown which was always provided to me from the upper navigation in Gmail.

Now, instead of ORKUT link, Google have introduced us some of new links – YouTube, Images and Shopping which I have never seen before in this dropdown. Now, this can be easily understandable that here, Google want to increase the traffic / users of YouTube by adding the link in Gmail by the fact that there are lots of people here using Gmail but one strange thing is that I have more Gmail account, and there have got just 6 links, and YouTube is not included there.

So, it can have one more reason, I have account on YouTube with my gmail id ( in which it is showing.

This below pic will clear you more.

Well, it’s interesting to me to see the links like YouTube, Images and Shopping within Gmail but now, this is going hard to me to open the ORKUT from the new window. :(

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Google PR and BL Update, Feb 08

Hey everybody,

Looks like Google will give us an update every month. It was just 13th Jan, 08 when we have had got the same - PR Update with updation in BackLinks for our websites. But even that's good to have updated. So, there is Google PageRank update reported on this Leap Year 28th Feb, 2008.

I don't know why one Frog this time, earlier in 2004, Google had 2 frogs jumping on the logo.

Now, what I have got through this update by Google is -
  • Many of the new pages and web sites have got updated PageRank now.
  • PageRank Punishment - Continuously from 26th Oct, 2007, Google is checking and punishing the websites who are selling and buying links from other sites and that can be easily seen in the update too. And I don't think, I need to expose their URLs here.
  • Backlink downfall - Now, this is main here, I have analyzed with this G update that Google has filtered external links for the websites now and by this, we can see the certain downfall in the backlinks while checking our backlinks with the link: command in Google.