Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Is a Degree required for SEO?

We all know, educational qualification is very important nowdays. If you are well educated with higher marks or divisions, then it would be easy to get the dream job.

D Vs E (Degree Vs Experience)

Now, this is interesting discussion one there at V7N forums...there is a guy having 6 years of experience in SEO services but yet not have his graduation degree and will take time. And he wants to jump in Inhouse SEO. His question is : Would you or any other company hire someone with 6 years experience with a proven track record but has no degree? with the note that he own an SEO consulting firm and has a big list of clients.

Let me share some of the replies with you -
briggidere says : If you could do a full weeks work every week, the fact you were doing a degree wouldn't bother me.
tdd1984 says : some of the most successful people never go to college...It depends on who you are and what your capable of doing.

my_misyel says : I guess you look for the company's qualifications if it is a must for a diploma, other companies would allow you to work for them with at least 2 years work related experience. If you still have time, then continue studying to earn a degree.
Rankenstein says : I would take experience over a degree, any day of the week. Or to put it another way, I never got a degree and it hasn't affected my SEO career in the slightest, including doing in-house SEO.
pinkfluffybunny says : Results and references are what you need. I can't tell you how many company's webmonkies I've trained. Usually right out of college. References count! It helps when you can tell them here is personal number of the CEO of ____ company - call him.
dee_el07 says : 6 years experience is long enough to prove that you are worth to be hired as an SEO even without a degree..
digitalseo says : the work is the best key to judge the person...
sniperhiga says : All you need is portfolio. You are hired if you show people results of your clients, backlinks you created, connections you have, knowledge, current positions on Google etc...
~DaRk-EyE~ says : "Experience is the best teacher"
seconnection says : experience is key!!

Now, what you like to say about this?

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  1. I would say Experience Matter's, you can't learn practical things untill unless you get into and experience the same by doing over own. Which education can never teach.

    But it is preferable & will be like Icing on Cake if you posses both.


    Afzal Khan

    Internet Marketing & SEO/SEM Professional