Friday, March 14, 2008

Link Popularity

Link popularity is the measurement of the quantity and quality of links (inbound links) pointing to a website on web and most of the major search engines like Google and Yahoo used link popularity as an important ranking criterion.

Now, question is how to get more back links to get higher link popularity to achieve high rankings in search engines. The first and main thing is Site Usability. I recommend checking the following points for your website before going for any link popularity campaign or services –
  • Firstly, website should be online and complete.
  • Website should be user friendly and search engine friendly too.
  • Website should be designed in right approach.
  • Website should have a unique content with the relevancy regarding the page topic.
  • Website shouldn’t have any credibility issue.
  • Must not have broken links.
  • Also, please check all the typo-graphical errors, if have any.
In addition, try to make a website which can be useful to visitors. For example, if you have a SEO related website offers SEO services, and then developing some free SEO tools can make more visitors to you. If your links and work would be useful to your visitors, then visitors will automatically appreciate your work and give you back links from their sources like blogs, forums and other boards. And all these points will help making a site – A Quality Website.

Then, put your efforts in the following ways to get more link popularity for your website –
  • Submissions in relevant directories such as the Open Directory Project and Yahoo! and other industry-specific sites.
  • Link exchanges with the relevant sites.
  • Forums signatures
  • Press Releases
  • Article Submissions
  • Classifieds
  • Social bookmarking
Most of the Optimizers and webmasters recommend quality over quantity but I always say about having both – Quality + Quantity. There is no harm in getting quality back links in more quantity but only from relevant and high traffic websites.

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