Friday, March 28, 2008

Time to Update Content

I have a search engine friendly HTML site and getting good rankings with the popular keywords in major search engines like Google and Yahoo. Now, questions is - Should I need to change the content to stable my rankings and positioning in Search engines?

How often should I update my content?
How big that change should be?
Is this the right time to change my content?

Website owners / bloggers generally have these kind of questions many times.

With the fact that Content is one of the major pillar making a web page to get listed for a popular keywords in search engines and another is link popularity. Search engines spiders love to crawl new content, you can easily see how popular forums / blog posts would have indexed in just few minutes, especially in Google.

We can also see many sites which are not in regular updates (@ content) but have handsome amout of traffic and popularity. The main thing is what I think is - it totally depend on website theme. However, in our life, CHANGE is only the constant thing. So, nothing bad in it. Just show SEs that you are working on your site and it is not a "dead" resource which provide outdated information. Make sure your content should be unique and optimized with your targeted keywords.

There is no perfect answer for this context that this is the time to refresh the content. But one thing is I want to suggest that Do changes, when you see -
  • Fall in search engine rankings
  • Fall in web traffic
  • When you have new keywords / phrase to target; and
  • When there is a need of change.

And with all that above, be regular with all off-site optimization and tricks which include making link popularity for your site.

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