Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tips for New Bloggers

If you are a blogger and having a blog on or, then following points could be very useful, whether you have just started with a new blog or you are an old Samurai in this field -

  • Content - This is the main thing for a blog. Try to post a useful and an interesting post everytime for your visitors.
  • Research about topic - I know, blog is totally your place to write anything you like or dislike but a little research before writing is always been good. By spending some time on research about the topic you are going to write, you can get related keywords / phrases which can be included in the write-up. These researched keywords will give you chance to be top rankings in Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask and MSN Live Search.
  • Social bookmarking - Bookmark your new or old posts in social bookmarking sites like in the relevant category. It will help you in fast indexing and link popularity.
  • Tell your friends - This is an online world now, internet is like a necessity. So, if you have something new in your blog, tell your online friends about your new post and ask them how they feel about the topic.
  • Make friends online - Find some related blogs with Google which are relevant to your posts and blog theme. Do some useful comments on their posts and make them friends.
  • Link Building - Submission in blog directories, comment posting in other relevant blogs and one way link development will help in making good link popularity but for a blogger, you post should have a powerful content.
  • Regular Update - Update your blog regularly with some interesting content / posts. Wrting on recent topics related with your interest would be great. People always love to read new content on current topics in the industry. Just show Search engines that you are not a "dead" resource on web.

Let's spread some green.

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