Sunday, March 2, 2008

YouTube in Gmail More Links

I love Gmail and this is only the webmail which is 24 hrs open at my desktop. But from last 2-3 days, I am unable to get which I generally do from Gmail. I always prefer to go to ORKUT (yes, the famous one in all social networking site which have got Web 18 'Genius of the Web' award for the best social networking website in India) but from the last days, It is impossible to find the ORKUT link from the “more” dropdown which was always provided to me from the upper navigation in Gmail.

Now, instead of ORKUT link, Google have introduced us some of new links – YouTube, Images and Shopping which I have never seen before in this dropdown. Now, this can be easily understandable that here, Google want to increase the traffic / users of YouTube by adding the link in Gmail by the fact that there are lots of people here using Gmail but one strange thing is that I have more Gmail account, and there have got just 6 links, and YouTube is not included there.

So, it can have one more reason, I have account on YouTube with my gmail id ( in which it is showing.

This below pic will clear you more.

Well, it’s interesting to me to see the links like YouTube, Images and Shopping within Gmail but now, this is going hard to me to open the ORKUT from the new window. :(

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