Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rediff Auction Site with G Malware Warning Tag

I am very old reader of Rediff.com, One of India's leading internet portal for news, mail, messenger, entertainment, business, mobile, ecommerce, shopping, auctions, search, sports, and more. But today while searching for Sony Ericsson mobile information, I got Rediff Auctions site on the 1st page search result but with the tag "This site may harm your computer" and thinking about the site who has a big network, is knowing it or not?

Now, why I am making this into the post, just to aware you guys that it can happen to anyone sites, to any site as you can see, it happen to Rediff Auctions now....

I have analyzed that it’s going so frequent all over the web nowadays as Google making more attention to the third party link or site which is being used by webmasters on the sites. This can also be happen if the site contains advertising provided by a third party, or if the site’s host server has been hacked. And, if the Giant Google thinks - it’s a link which can send any malware to the visitors or can harm your visitors computers. Then, Google will refuse to link to it by tagging the website with “This site may harm your computer”. And, that particular web page which violates the Google guidelines can be seen in the Google Webmaster Tool and can easily be rectified by making the needful changes in the website. You can easily imagine the big break in your site traffic after having this tag on your site. Google is a big source of traffic, Isn't?

How to figure it out?
Actually, if you have this kind of problem, just must need to have an account on Google webmaster tools. From there, you can get the basic problem / problematic URL and then you can find and fix the problem.

And I am sure now, they will fix it soon...


  1. I checked this URL in Google today. Now there is no such warning.

    Sanjay Verma
    Mumbai, India

  2. i also checked this URL in Google today. Now there is no such warning.