Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Directories Submission

Directories Submissions is an old and still a good way to build link popularity and search engine rankings. Google also recommends it in its Link Schemes.

There are thousand of free and paid web directories you can easily find on world wide web. But most of them are a dead source now, sometimes it could be just waste of time to submit in a dead source. I only suggest or prefer having submission in only a worthful web directory which can give some relevant traffic and a stable link for website. And do it manually, don't go for any software or AUTO Submissions. I know it will take time, but it is only the right way to submit your website in any web directory.

What we have to check while submitting website in any web directory. Check some of these general points before doing submissions -
  • Web directory shouldn't be a dead source, first of all.
  • It should be in Search engines indexing. You can check it by [index:] and [info:] commands in Google and can also be checked by Yahoo! Site Explorer. It Shouldn't be Banned Web Directory.
  • Should be relevant to your business, or should have a category for your business. Submission in a irrelevant category / directory will just worthless.
  • That will be great if web directory having high PageRank.
  • Make sure that the directory shouldn't have any rel=nofollow on the links.
Go for Quality, not for Quantity.

And some more useful points -
Your site should be complete in every aspects i.e. Content and Designing before doing submissions in web directories as most of directories are not accepting incomplete websites. And, always try to use various Title and relevant Description for submissions to get more search engine rankings with more keywords. There are also directories allow you to submit deep links, so good to submit in them also.

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  1. Amichay Inbar

    Directory Submission might be an old tactic of off-page optimization yet we can't deny the fact that our site can still gain quality backlinks from this avenue. Just avoid submission on penalty and bad neighborhood directory sites.