Thursday, August 14, 2008

Some of big link building mistakes

Link building is a method to gain more web popularity for your site in the internet and also good positioning in major search engines like Google and Yahoo.

But if you do mistakes, your website can also be suffer through Search engine penalties. So be wise and always check these following points before start link building for your site -
  • Don't link with irrelevant sites. The best mantra to get good rankings in big search engine is relevancy. So, try to link with only relevant sites.

  • Don’t spend all your time getting just one way links from sites having NIL Page Rank. One or two links from relevant sites having PR5 can be worth more than hundred links from sites with no PR.

  • Be careful about buying links or you can get banned. Especially be careful about Site Wide links. If your site / blog has got few backlinks on first day and the next day you have hundreds; Google can check this and your site can be penalized.

  • Don’t spend all your time building one way links that are url-links (eg. instead of Free SEO tips). So, you want to have anchor-text links for good rankings on your targeted keywords in search engines.

  • Just say No No to “No-Follow” links. Always try to get "do-follow" links, so they can be counted as the votes for your sites.

  • Do not let your links point to just your site homepage. Also, lead them to interior pages of your site. Your all pages has equal importance. Isn't?
So, try to follow the above points and be wise while doing link building for your site.

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  1. Hi Amit. Very good information on your blog. Your post on Google search tricks was bookmarked by me.
    on the subject of site wide links, i want to know do they hurt ?