Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yahoo! Buzz - Are You Ready?

August 18th, 2008, Yahoo! announced the opening of Yahoo! Buzz so that anybody can “buzz up” content from any publisher on the Web.

Actually, this Digg-like social bookmarking site; Yahoo! Buzz was introduced in Feb, 08 and only open to few users. But now, Yahoo has opened it to all their users to submit their articles and buzz up any content on the web.

To add Yahoo! Buzz buttons to your own articles, web pages and blog posts, go to

Learn more about Y! Buzz at


  1. Isn't Yahoo Buzz a bit too late? Sites like Digg and Propller have been doing the same thing for years now and I don't think Yahoo can get a share out of their pie.

  2. Yes we can say it's late but it's from a big company i.e.Yahoo! so, it won't be any problem I think.