Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Google Chrome - Web Browser by Google

9/01/2008, Google announced the release of an open-source web browser known as Google Chrome, a beta version which will be released on Tuesday in more than 100 countries.

So, what you think, would it be a danger for
Mozilla (Firefox 3) and Microsoft (IE 8 beta 2) already holding the much popularity within users worldwide and Mozilla Firefox 3 is my favorite. Can't say, if it would be a danger to the popular existing web browsers but yeah! it surely be a great competition as it's a Google product.

Some of the important points about Google Chrome -

  • Special tabs - Instead of traditional tabs (below the address bar) like those seen in Firefox or IE, Google Chrome has the tab buttons on the upper side of the window.

  • Speed dial - As a default homepage, the browser offers a “speed dial” feature, similar to the one in Opera browser. This gives users a view of their most visited web pages in 9 screenshot thumbnails.

  • Privacy mode - As like IE8 Beta 2, Chrome also comes with privacy mode or porn mode feature. This mode lets users create an "incognito" window where "nothing that occurs in that window is ever logged onto your computer."

  • Safe browsing experience - Chrome will regularly keep on downloading a list of harmful sites to fight harmful malwares and phishing attacks. And, whatever will run in a tab will be filtered so that it doesn't affect the computer machine.
And to know more about the features, just check this comic book explaining the Google Chrome in much better way.

Matt Cutts has also posted a post about Google Chrome in his blog.

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