Friday, October 31, 2008

Google can read text from images

Google has recently announced in their official blog that they are now using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to index and show an HTML version of a scanned PDF document.

In the past, Google only showed an HTML version of PDF's created with text enabled formatting. But from now, if a document is scanned as an image, Google can also read it and create an HTML version for it (click “View As HTML” in the search results).

Click on these following search queries to see how it works (given by Google itself in their official blog) -
[repairing aluminum wiring]
[spin lock performance]
[Mumps and Severe Neutropenia]
[Steady success in a volatile world]

Thursday, October 30, 2008

India retains world chess title

Viswanathan Anand of India retained his world chess title Wednesday by drawing with the white pieces against Russian challenger Vladimir Kramnik in the World Championship final in Bonn, Germany.

I'm happy. But, at this point, probably more relieved than happy, because I was undisputed World champion even before this match," Anand said after asserting his supremacy in Bonn, a year after he became World champion in Mexico.

"Obviously, it's really nice to just have the title. Vlady was really pushing me in the last few games. With White I was really hoping to have the World Championship title in the evening but I wasn't sure, you never know," he added.

Kramnik said black's seemingly anti-positional move was his only chance. "So I decided to mess things up", but Anand calculated very well and forced such position in the end game that white simply could not lose.

"Miracles happen, but very rare, unfortunately," Kramnik said.

Congratulations Anand.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Diwali 2008

Dear All My Visitors and SEO Friends,

This is that time of the year when there is positive energy all around as we celebrate the triumph of good over evil.

So, in the same positive spirit, I share my best wishes with you and your family members. I sincerely hope that the days ahead bring happiness to you, joy to your families and success to us achieving bigger and better goals.

To put things simply…

आप सभी को दीपावली की हार्दिक सुभकामनाये. :-)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Google Android

Search engine giant, Google and T-Mobile have teamed up to announce the first-ever smartphone with Google's brand new Android operating system (OS) T-Mobile G1 phone with a touchscreen and a full QWERTY keyboard.

about Google Android T-Mobile G1
Price: $179
Official Sites:;
Specs: 5.6 oz; 6.7-hour talk time; 256MB; 3.2" display; 480x320; SQLite; At-launch
Company: Google/T-Mobile/HTC

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Yahoo! Search Index Update October 2008

The Yahoo! search blog announced index update on 14th Oct, 2008 as a "Weather Report" with the Yahoo! Site Explorer New Look information they just have done earlier in Aug 2008.

From the Yahoo! Search blog :
We'll be rolling out some changes to our crawling, indexing and ranking algorithms over the next few days and expect the update will be completed soon. As you know, throughout this process you may see some ranking changes and page shuffling in the index.
I am seeing some changes but not much for my sites' SERPs in Yahoo! Search.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Yahoo! Web Analytics

Get ready for one more Analytics now (we all know about Google Analytics)...As part of the acquisition of IndexTools, Yahoo will be launching a new free tool called Yahoo! Web Analytics.

Yahoo! Web Analytics is an enterprise site analytics tool that provides real-time insight into visitor behavior on your website. With powerful and flexible tools and dashboards, Yahoo! Web Analytics helps online marketers and website designers enhance the visitor experience, increase sales and reduce marketing costs. (<---info from the Yahoo! Web Analytics homepage)

Although most of the features are still "Coming Soon". Currently it's only available to Yahoo! Small Business customers who host e-commerce sites on Yahoo! and to other marketing advertising partners.

One important best thing in this tool is the real-time analytics tracking rather than a 24-hour delay like in Google Analytics Tool. So, SEOs and Webmasters! be ready for one more analytical tool.