Friday, December 12, 2008

1st page listing with SEO Service Provider

Finally, I got listing on the 1st page for this SEO blog for the keyword "SEO Service Provider" and on 2nd page with "SEO Services Provider" in Google.

<--- Here is the snapshot

It was not that hard struggle but yeah! it takes time to come up with this too. One day, I was searching for related terms for the keyword "SEO Service", and got more keyword suggestions on Google homepage in which SEO Service Provider was also there. It's relevant with my blog. So, I decided to pick this keywords as a target keyword for my blog for getting search listing in Even, it's still there in the Google suggestion if you type 'SEO service' in Google homepage search bar.

And look what, just have checked that also got listing within the first 5 search results with the keyword "SEO provider" in Google having the competition of 12,200,000 search results.

Now, My target keywords for 2009 is SEO Service / SEO Services.

Wish me luck. :)

Note: Results can be vary due to different Google DCs.

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