Thursday, December 11, 2008

Two broken links in Google India Site

Google has offered many tools for helping webmasters / SEOs to make their websites better for getting good ranks in the Search engines. Now, what about the Google?

If you analyze, Google India site has 2 broken links. I am amazed and shocked to see this bundle mistake as G has very big reputation on the world wide web (www) and has broken links on the About Google Page which is one of the most important page for any site. How irresponsible Google is?

I just have discovered Google blog post for helping website owners to fix broken links and provides Webmaster Tools offers site owners a way to help about broken links. Now, what about themselves?

Following are that 2 broken links which can found on the Google India About Us Page -
  • Click on the Help link in "Our Products" column. You will get the Page Not Found Error -

  • Another one - Click on the Google Logo, That link is also NOT FOUND.

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