Friday, June 5, 2009

Microsoft New Search Engine Bing

Microsoft Live Search is now has released on 3rd June, 2009.

Bing includes a set of navigation and search tools called an Explorer Pane on the left side of the page that offers a feature called Web Groups, which organizes search results not only in the pane but also in the actual results generated on the page. It is based on the semantic technology from PowerSet which Microsoft purchased in 2008.

Microsoft also has added Related Searches and Quick Tabs features, which provide a table of contents for different categories of search results.

Next feature called Best Match surfaces what the engine considers the best result for a search query and calls it out for the user. Another feature called Deep Links gives people more insight into what resources a site offers.

Bing also offers what is called Quick Preview, which gives a brief preview of search results in a box that appears when someone 'mouses' over the search results link. The preview gives a snapshot of the information the link provides so people can decide whether they want to click on it.

In addition, Bing also provides the following services -
  • Bing Health -
  • Bing Images -
  • Bing Local -
  • Bing Maps -
  • Bing News -
  • Bing Shopping -
  • Bing Translator -
  • Bing Travel -
  • Bing Video -
  • Bing xRank -
  • Bing for Mobile -


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