Monday, July 20, 2009

SEO are basically link builders

SEOs are basically link builders

SEO Optimization means promotion of a site through different methods including submissions in web directories, article submissions, press releases, internal linking management i.e. link building development of the site to get popularity in the web and to get more traffic for the site.

In this very regard, most of the time of SEO spend in building links that's basically SEO is all about even. And which is just not so easy. Building links can be easy but building good links are not an easy task for any link builder or SEO.

WE have to take care of -
  • Relevancy of the web page where we are submitting our site.
  • PageRank of the web page where we are placing our site link. It would be great if we got high PR than our site.
  • Indexing of the site - It should be regularly indexed by major search engines like Google, Yahoo! Search and Bing.
The above constraints are not so easy to check for an SEO noob and takes a proper analysis while taking / posting our link to get link popularity through search engines. And that can only be achieved by a Good SEO. That's only why I am saying it that most of SEOs are basically link builders.


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