Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blogger is 10 years old now

Don't know if you have seen the blogger's birthday logo on the blogger site or not? I just have noticed it by today only and that's inspired me making this post. Well! I am little I am a lazy bone..

As Google already mentioned about the blogger 10th birthday in their Official Google Blog. You can the post here at

Blogger was released in August of 1999 and after that we have seen many changes yet in the blogger blog's customization and look & feel.

In celebrating 10th birthday of Blogger, Google have been releasing birthday presents as a way to thanks millions of users of blogger announcing 2 more, courtesy of two Blogger partners:
  • Socialvibe: When Socialvibe approached us about finding a way to empower the Blogger community to help raise funds for charities, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to leverage Blogger's reach to do some good. Starting this week, Blogger users can show their support for charities and raise funds by adding a gadget to their blog. The Socialvibe team has challenged us to raise $50,000 for charity by the end of the year, and we're pretty confident we can beat that.
  • InfoThinker: If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch and a Blogger blog, you're in luck. The team at InfoThinker (makers of the iPhone app BlogPress) was eager to help celebrate Blogger's birthday. Earlier this week they submitted a free version of BlogPress that works only on Blogger to the iPhone App Store. Blogging on the go has never been so easy! Keep an eye out for the app.

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