Thursday, March 4, 2010

Off page optimization techniques

13 Off page optimization techniques

1. SE Submission: Manual submission to major search engines however, not necessary.

2. Directory Submission: Manual directory submissions have a lot to offer in terms getting search engine ranking and referral traffic.

3. Threeway Linking: Three (3) way linking is difficult to manage but gives good SEO results in terms of link building. Search engine forums are good source in doing 3 way link exchange.

4. Reciprocal Link Building: Reciprocal means I will place your link and you will place mine. However, not so much used now. But always good if we link with relevant sites.

5. Article Submission: Article marketing is an easy and great way to attract traffic and attention of search engines. Make some good informational articles and get good traffic to your site.

6. Blog Submission: Blogging is a new trend, anybody can blog and its damn easy thing.

7. Social Bookmarking: The best technique so far in getting great amount of traffic and indexing for the particular URL which has been submitted in a social bookmarking site like reddit and

8. Press Release Submission: You can distribute your company news to thousands of newsrooms. Press release will provide high value one-way link and traffic.

9. Video Submission: Make some videos about your services and products and submit them in video submission sites like

10. Forum Posting: Forum has the key to get tons of viral traffic. You can get good reviews for your site as well as the suggestions. There are lots of sites on web providing you the signature linking.

11. Social networking profiles - Make profiles on sites like Facebook and twitter and use them for good online presence.

12. RSS Feeds: Syndicate your RSS feed URL with the authoritative feeds and channels that gives you boost in terms of SERP and page rank.

13. Paid Links: There are many good web directories providing paid submissions and good traffic.


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