Saturday, June 12, 2010

How to SEO a new website?

How to promote / SEO a new site?

If you have a new domain / site and you want to get make it popular throughout web, then SEO is the best tool you can opt to get some business from the website. To promote a new website, you need to make a website which can be useful to your visitors and that demands - 
  1. A proper strategy to get better rankings and relevant traffic
  2. Marketing Analysis
  3. Competition Analysis
  4. Good Web Design Partner
  5. Visualizer who can check how everything in the website effect a user / visitor / client
 After designing the website, we have to work on SEO part. Following are the SEO activities which can help promoting a website in the right direction - 
  • Keyword Analysis - The process to find out the best industry keywords by which website can get good visitors as well as inquiries.
  • Content Optimization - The process in which a targeted content will be placed in the website including the targeted keywords / phrases.
  • Title and META tags optimization - Use a Title tag which is short and clear with the META description which has Click to Action Strategy.
  • Link Building - Promoting your website in many places like directories, article submission directories, blogs, social bookmarking etc.
  • HTML and XML sitemap - Always try to include HTML as well as XML sitemap in your website for better indexing and crawling by Search engines.
  • Google Analytics Code - Place Google analytics code into your web pages to monitor your traffic and success.


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