Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Internet Explorer 9 Arrived

Internet Explorer 9 Launched

Internet Explorer 9, which rolled out “beta” test version last week, touched over 2 million downloads within 48 hours of its launch, claims the company.

Microsoft says that Internet Explorer 9 is a reinvention of the browser consists of many great features and amazing applications.

The highlights are -
  • Speed – It offers greater speed by accelerating graphics, videos and text. It harnesses the PC’s hardware to do so which enables it to renders heavy graphic interfaces far better than even Chrome or Firefox.
  • HTML 5 Support
  • Popular sites – You will see the all sites you visited mostly as like in Chrome.
  • Consolidate Single drop down menu for all essential tools like print, zoom etc.
  • Taskbar Pinning – You can launch your favorite web pages from your task bar with a single click. To pin a web page, just grab the tab in the browser and drag it down to your taskbar.
  • Slimmer frame of the browser – For more and more sites browsing.
  • Bigger Back Button – For easy access and control.
  • Notifications – All the notifications are not more disruptive.
  • Launch a Page like an app – You can drag any tab down to the task bar like an app.

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