Thursday, December 23, 2010

How to analyze your SEO progress?

In past years, I have seen SEO guys chasing for the top rankings, working for months to months and not getting the desired top 5 rankings. They work consistently but results are not there. Why? It is because they just have work and doesn’t analyze their progress.
We all know Search engine optimization (SEO) is a continuous process, we can see ups and downs in our keyword rankings. But if we analyze the things deeply, we can win out of our competitors.
Following are some points which should be analyzed to get desired results for any website -
  1. Google Webmaster Tool – This is a wonderful tool from Google provides you useful information like web indexing, dead links, broken links, search queries, and much more in one place. With all these information, we can make our website more clean and useful.
  2. Google Analytics – This is must for any website to get all traffic information webmaster needs. This is more than necessity when you have an e-commerce website. There are many things to learn from the Google analytics tool.
  3. Visible Backlinks from Google – We can get the back link information from Google webmaster tools too! but this is more important to analyze which website is under link: command by Google.
  4. Social Media Presence – Check all the social media sites if you are there or not? If you are not there, means you are still missing a big market. In Facebook and Twitter, we can have lots of relevant people who may interested in the products and services.
  5. Analyze your keywords again – Now, this is for the people who already have got the good rankings but not the business. So, it’s time to change your keywords. It includes the market analysis and your competitors’ site analysis. Pick the keywords which can give you business.