Thursday, February 10, 2011

Challenge yourself - Learn Something New Everyday

Life is all about learning something new everyday and that how we got new experiences in our professional and personal life. 

V7N forum has launched a new challenge called "Learn Something New Every Day Challenge" so you can share your everyday learning with other people in this world. And you already know... Sharing is Caring.

The challenge has been already started on February 8th. You can join right now through V7N Thread - Learn something new every day challenge.

How it will work?
Whatever you learn something new, you just have to report (post) in the V7N Facebook group, along with the V7N thread. If you prefer to blog about what you learn every day like what I done here in my blog, you can simply post your link and a blurb about your blog post.

Members of this challenge actively participating in the V7N thread will be part of random drawings at the end of the challenge for a free listing in the V7N Directory.

best of luck from myside ;)


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