Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to increase your blog readers?

Creating a blog is just 1 hour job. You just need to find a good blogging platform like Blogger and Wordpress where you can setup your own blog free of cost and can start your blogging.

You are increasing your blog posts but wonder why web traffic is not increasing? This post can help you in getting more readers on your blog. Follow these suggestions - 
  • Instead of writing some personal things; write something useful for your readers. Post something that can be shared by your current visitors / readers to their friends / family.
  • Be an optimizer. I understand you can't be an expert SEO in a day, but why not use some common tricks like some research on your topic before actually writing on it. It can help you getting some targeted keywords on your topic which you can use in your blog post.
  • Bookmark your blog post in some good and high traffic social bookmarking sites like Digg.com, Reddit.com, Mixx.com etc.
  • Share that blog post in your Facebook profile.
  • Submit your blog into some blog submission sites.

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