Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Google Panda Update - Do and Don't

If you are suffering by Google Panda Update 2011, then there are thing to re-check in your SEO strategy now.

What is Google Panda Update?
The latest algorithm update by Google to remove and stop content SPAM from its search results. The basic motive behind this update is to give importance (rankings) to high-quality website and removing low-quality websites from Google search.

There are already many sites lost their rankings and traffic from Google US search. And many have big fluctuations in the keyword positioning. Its makes every website owner and SEO to rethink about their SEO activities.

What to Do?

  1. Read the Google webmaster and quality design guidelines again and implement it.
  2. Need to check the content and try to make it high-quality content i.e. content should be mainly for the visitors and not for the search engines.
  3. Use high authority websites to do promotion of your website.
  4. Delete those pages having absolutely no traffic through Search engine like Google. You can see it by Google Analytics Tool.
What Not to Do?
  1. Stop Spamming.
  2. Stop duplicating your content.
  3. Stop Keyword Stuffing.
  4. Stop every unethical practice.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vodafone Store Dwarka Sector 12 - They just don't help

Vodafone - The Worst Mobile Services Provider in Delhi (Especially Dwarka Sector 12 Vodafone Store)

Vodafone commercials says - Happy to help. But I think they are just happy to help themselves only instead of making the customer or client happy.

I am using Vodafone postpaid services since a long time now (years), when it was actually named as Hutch. You can say a valuable customer for Vodafone. But it would say Valuable only if they value me.

My current experience with the VODAFONE (Vodafone Store Below Ayushman Hospital Dwarka)- 
Before of some unpleasant and threat messages (SMS), I decided to quit my current number i.e. 99999***78 and go with a new fresh number. On Saturday morning (12 March, 2011), I went to buy a number for me at Vodafone Dwarka Store that is below Ayushman Hospital in Dwarka Sector 12.

There were already so many people sitting in queue with their token numbers waiting for their calls by Vodafone executives. One of their executive came to me and asking for my query, I told him that I want to quit my current Vodafone number because of some unpleasant circumstances and want to buy a fresh new postpaid number.

He showed me many Vodafone numbers which are of different number series. I decided to go with the premium number that ends with 007. It costs me Rs.3100 with the security charges of Rs.250 that has to be paid instantly to buy the numbers. There is no discount in that.

I paid all the money instantly through my Credit card. He said, your number will be activated within 2 hours and you can avail the services (prepaid) for 24 hours and after the verification with 24-48 hours, you can get all the postpaid services.

I got the verification calls twice saying that your number will be converted into postpaid services within 24 hours.

On 15th March, my prepaid services are dis-activated, I thought its time to go to the Vodafone Settings and click on the postpaid to activate it into Postpaid services. But there is no outcome. Now, the situation is - I have no prepaid and no postpaid services for my number.

Today on 16th March, 2011 (which is approx. 120 hours now); I again visited Vodafone Store Dwarka Sector 12 and asked them why my number is yet not activated and even the call outgoings and incomings has been disabled. Now, the executive said, Sir because you have switched off your previous no. your verification is still pending. I said OMG! I got the verification calls and still your verification pending? He has no answer with giving me silly excuses.

Then, he introduced me with there Store Manager. He gives me the same excuse. I said him before buying this premium postpaid number, it has been already discussed with your executive that because of threat messages, I am stopping the services for my current number and want to buy a new fresh one.

Now, he is saying to me that they have to do the verification process again and again it require 48 hours to activate this number.

Now, if this is a help, Vodafone should think 100 times before publishing these advertisements i.e. Happy to Help. They are just fooling the innocent people.

And I am Still chasing...Truly Unsatisfied.

I will say Big No to Vodafone Services, especially with the Vodafone Store Dwarka Sector 12, New Delhi.

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