Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cheap SEO Services is so Cheap

This post is to aware those people who are looking for cheap SEO services for their website promotion.

First of all, please check what is the meaning of cheap? Cheap means relatively low in price or charging low prices, very poor quality; flimsy, embarrassingly stingy etc. and you can't grow business through poor quality services.

People who already opt for cheap SEO services can very well understand what I want to tell and talking about. Search engine optimization is a process where you need good quality work with lots of analysis to compete with your online competitors who are in good positioning. Cheap SEO services i.e. in other words low-cost Search engine optimization service can only provide you low amount of activities for your website promotion.Even, if we see any Cheap SEO package offered by SEO company or an SEO freelancer, it will only give you limited no. of activities which never can fulfill your demands in this online competitive world.

My Suggestions - 
  1. Instead searching Cheap SEO Services, Search Quality SEO Services.
  2. Before going with any SEO company, check what is there in the package. Better to ask a customized SEO package for your website to get the best possibility of high rankings.
  3. Check your market yourself before searching for your SEO partner.
  4. Better to go with a SEO person / company / agency instead of a link builder. Link building is just not all the things you require for high keyword rankings in Search engines.
  5. And stick with this line - Nobody can guarantee Google rankings.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Challenge yourself - Learn Something New Everyday

Life is all about learning something new everyday and that how we got new experiences in our professional and personal life. 

V7N forum has launched a new challenge called "Learn Something New Every Day Challenge" so you can share your everyday learning with other people in this world. And you already know... Sharing is Caring.

The challenge has been already started on February 8th. You can join right now through V7N Thread - Learn something new every day challenge.

How it will work?
Whatever you learn something new, you just have to report (post) in the V7N Facebook group, along with the V7N thread. If you prefer to blog about what you learn every day like what I done here in my blog, you can simply post your link and a blurb about your blog post.

Members of this challenge actively participating in the V7N thread will be part of random drawings at the end of the challenge for a free listing in the V7N Directory.

best of luck from myside ;)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to increase your blog readers?

Creating a blog is just 1 hour job. You just need to find a good blogging platform like Blogger and Wordpress where you can setup your own blog free of cost and can start your blogging.

You are increasing your blog posts but wonder why web traffic is not increasing? This post can help you in getting more readers on your blog. Follow these suggestions - 
  • Instead of writing some personal things; write something useful for your readers. Post something that can be shared by your current visitors / readers to their friends / family.
  • Be an optimizer. I understand you can't be an expert SEO in a day, but why not use some common tricks like some research on your topic before actually writing on it. It can help you getting some targeted keywords on your topic which you can use in your blog post.
  • Bookmark your blog post in some good and high traffic social bookmarking sites like,, etc.
  • Share that blog post in your Facebook profile.
  • Submit your blog into some blog submission sites.