Friday, May 4, 2012

Google Penguin Update 2012

Google Webspam Algorithm Update 2012

After ongoing frequent updates of Google Panda Algorithm changes, Google have now come up with a new algorithm update i.e. Webspam Algorithm Update and also named it as Google Penguin Update.

This new webspam algorithm change will improve the G search results (showing the importance of ethical Search engine optimization) and help to cut down the web sites that do spamming tactics to get fast and aggressive good search results on Google for their targeted keywords. Now, if we say web SPAM, it means -

  1. Going against Search engine guidelines, especially Google quality guidelines for webmasters and website owners.
  2. Using unethical techniques like hidden content, hidden links, keyword stuffing etc.
  3. Irrelevancy in the content and backlinks.
Now, if you are doing ethical Search engine optimization techniques and follow a good creative and innovative process, you will get good search engine rankings. Google even says- 
Good search engine optimization can also mean good marketing: thinking about creative ways to make a site more compelling, which can help with search engines as well as social media. The net result of making a great site is often greater awareness of that site on the web, which can translate into more people linking to or visiting a site.

Google Panda update has already done a good job in improving search results for a year now. But now, Google wants to reduce webspam and shows appreciation to all those "good guys" who works on quality instead of quantity.